“ Our mission is to make sustainable living easy and convenient.”



What we do

Sustainable Life App™ is a sustainable business and brand directory created to help make sustainable living easy for eco-conscious consumers! Our app is free on Apple & Android.

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Who we are

Sustainable Life App (SLA) is not just an app - it’s a platform making sustainable living easy! With over 4000+ listings and 10,000+ downloads, SLA is spreading both nationally and internationally, its customer base growing every single day.

Both brick-and-mortar sustainable businesses and online brands (ethically manufacturing and selling their own products) alike are thriving on SLA. Businesses are gaining exposure to their target markets and app users are building their shopping network! Our platform is a community connecting you with others who share your core values!

We started in March 2020 - right at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic. The app has been very well received around the globe. To date we have over 4000+ business listings, our user count is growing daily AND the Canadian government has given us over $153,000+ in grants! We feel blessed (to say the least).

We are based in beautiful Kelowna, BC Canada. We have team members and partners who work ALL around the world. Interested in joining our team? Email: hiring@sustainablelifeapp.com

Why we do what we do

The 5 Factor’s for Sustainable Consumption™ (Impact on Human Health, Environmental Impact, Respect for Human Rights, Respect for Animal Rights, Respecting Your Core Values) are OUR core values and guiding force!

We are aspiring to live in a world in which everything consumed is created and disposed of respecting the earth and ALL living beings! We will not stop until this becomes our FOREVER normal!



(M) Mangla Bansal

Have you ever had a health scare that forced you to assess the way you live? Everyone has defining moments that shape their values - I'm no different.

I lost my sense of smell for 5 years. I literally woke up one day and it was gone. This event forced me to view everything that I consumed from a new lens.

Did you know that the products we use - everything from cleaning products, the furniture in our home and even our skincare products (just to name a few) can have negative effects on our health? My body was inflamed. After I finally got a surgery and was blessed enough to get my sense of smell back, I couldn't help but imagine what a world were everyone "consumed sustainably" would look like.


I sat down one day and created the 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption (Impact on Human Health, Environmental Impact, Respect for Human Rights, Respect for Animal Rights, Socio-Economic Advantage). My original plan was to make a documentary series (I worked as a Director/Producer in film/TV for over 15 years). I realized however, that documentaries can inspire but not actually create REAL measurable change.

I created Sustainable Life App in that moment and decided to change careers to become a tech entrepreneur. The app officially launched in March 2020 (at the beginning of covid) and we have had a phenomenal response from eco-conscious consumers + the sustainable businesses and brands featured on our app. The Canadian government has given us over $160,000 in grants to date and I feel beyond blessed. Was this an easy journey? Nope... but is any journey? Has this been worthwhile? Yes! I wake up everyday and feel excited about all of the various innovative projects that we have in the works.

The real problem that we users face is that we are simply TOO BUSY and we need help living sustainably in a way that is easy and convenient for us.

Sustainable Life App is a global business and brand directory helping make sustainable living easy for eco-conscious consumers around the globe. It's free on Apple and Android. Our mission is to make our app the solution to your sustainable living problems. My promise to you is to keep expanding, innovating and developing this platform to support you.

We encourage you to tell your friends about Sustainable Life App and add businesses in your city/town to the app for free at anytime. If you own a sustainable business or brand, we encourage you to get featured! There are so many perks to featuring your business/brand to our platform and you can click here to book a meeting with a member of our team anytime.

Love and light to you all!

M (Mangla) Bansal