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Sustainable Life NYE 21

1. Travel to a Cooler NYEHow about video calling friends & family around the world to see how they party?If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we are blessed to...

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How A Naturopathic Doctor Views Your Health

Two of the principles of naturopathic medicine that I value & focus on are “Identify & Treat the Cause” & “Treat the Whole Person”. Instead of merely eliminating or suppressing symptoms, as NDs, we want to get to the Root Cause of a patient’s most bothersome symptoms or “chief concern” as it’s know in the medical community. We also don’t compartmentalize organ systems, so for example, if you’re coming into the clinic with your “chief concern” being gas & bloating, we don’t just look at the gastrointestinal system & give you an over the counter agent like GasX to eliminate your gas. Naturopaths want to look at the entire system, the whole person whether that’s the gut/brain connection, the nervous system, the immune system in addition to the gastrointestinal system to ensure all are functioning optimally & then treatment will start with the fundamentals using the Therapeutic Order (aka Triangle or Pyramid) to guide that treatment 

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