We are fair. Our objective is just to help consumers understand what they're buying. 



We are fair. Our objective is just to help consumers understand what they're buying. Do we expect you to be perfect? Nope! Do we require that you be transparent? Yup!

We analyze direct-to-consumer online brands featured on our website in a variety of ways for the convenience of the Sustainable Life App™ users. We hire experts/consultants (as needed) in each field/category to rate a brand's business practices based on our 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption.

Lets Get Started!

Step 1

Sign up  Pay Fee

Sign up today using our simple online registration from. Pay a ONE TIME $97.00 fee.

Step 2

Mail Sample

Mail us a sample product for review. You will be sent an email with instructions 

Step 3

Prepare to Launch

Answer any remaining questions we may have over email, phone or zoom call.

Once Your Listing is LIVE

Edit your profile

You are now featured on the app! Yay! You can edit your profile and start connecting with your customers.

Add Online deals

You can share online deals on our app featuring a key products that you want to sell to our community. 

Media Interview

You can set up a time to have your brand's CEO & Founder interviewed for our podcast show! This will be added to your listing and helps boost your brand's SEO. 


5 Factor Self- Evaluation

All listed brands also self-evaluate themselves on our 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption. We don't take any cut of profits made and you only ever need to fill out the application form, pay the one-time fee of $97 and send us one or two of your items so that we can assess them + see what type of shipping materials you use. That's it.

Our 5 Factor Evalution

Once we finish our analysis, you'll be visible on the app in ALL of the countries that you ship to. You can also ask brick and mortar locations around the world who sell your product to list you as a sustainable brand they sell so that users looking for your product locally can find it using our app's key word search feature. If you're a verified brand, you stand out against the rest because your name will have a green "V" next to it. Awesome, right?





Consumers will use the coupon code that you provide to buy products directly through your website!



Your listing only appears in the countries you ship to.



We don't take a cut - we exist to support the growth of sustainable brands like yours!

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