“ Our mission is to make sustainable living easy and convenient. The 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption are our guiding force!”


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Digital Media Content Creator

Sep 17 2021 by M (Mangla) Bansal


Sustainable Life App is seeking an Eco-Conscious Digital Media Content Creator! Why Eco-Conscious you might wonder? Because we live and breathe sustainable living & consumption and want our newest team member to share similar values!

Working directly with our app’s founder and a more senior marketing consultant, you will bring your academic and/or journalistic background and independently work from home.  Your days will be varied, with learning opportunities focused primarily in digital marketing: social media, podcast and documentary researching for guests and segments, and website content writing. Get ready for a lot of sharing sustainability facts & tips from verified sources and creating fun images for these tips for users.


You are a digital content creator and you’ll help Sustainable Life App expand our platform. You :

  • Are self-motivated 
  • Are resourceful, encompass strong interpersonal skills and are a driven problem-solver
  • Are a organizational individual who can manage multiple projects with ease
  • Are able to work independently on projects
  • Are able to collaborate as a team member to bring initiatives to light
  • Are interested in business and want to be a part of inspiring change by solving small business + brand owners’ problems. Are keen to research  and share sustainability facts and tips + you believe social media should be filled with reliable facts (with sources)
  • Have knowledge of + interest in using social media for good, being a mobile app user, listening to podcasts and in watching + helping create  documentaries about sustainable consumption. 
  • Have previous experience creating content, including social media captions, blog posts, photos, videos and press releases (or interest in learning how to) to name a few. 
  • Have experience working with with marketing technology, creating marketing strategies (SEO + social media campaigns, etc.) + using social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), design programs (Canva), and CRMs (Hubspot).


Our platform’s core values - 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™

  1. Impact on Human Health
  2. Environmental Impact
  3. Respect for Human Rights
  4. Respect for Animal Rights
  5. Socio-Economic Worldview

What is Sustainable Life App? We are a map-based app (Apple & Android) connecting consumers with sustainable brands and businesses in their area. We’re all about #ShopLocal and #SupportSustainable. Our goal is to grow the app so that users can use it at home and while they travel to live in line with their core values. 

The app features green businesses, eco-products, and services from many industries, including: eco travel options (hotels & tours), event venues, retail shops, grocery stores, local farms, cafés, restaurants, hair salons, spas and so much more!


To learn more visit: www.sustainablelifeapp.com 

To apply for this position send your resume and cover letter to: contact@sustainablelifeapp.com


Digital Marketing

  • Develop content for online marketing (we primarily use Canva)
  • Use web/app analytics and marketing automation tools when appropriate. Monitor and improve usability of sites and campaign effectiveness + prepare reports for the founder and marketing consultant
  • Asset but not required: Video and audio editing (we use Adobe Audition and PremierePro for video and audio editing) + photo taking skills 

Marketing Operations & Research

  • Conduct market research to assess competitive landscape and market factors
  • Support customer discovery and segmentation efforts
  • Establish (minimal) processes and tools needed to execute marketing plans, including tools for digital marketing, outreach strategies, social networking, and CRM.
  • Research potential guests for our podcast show + prepare episode pitches
  • Research verified Sustainability Facts and Tips + list the sources for each (we will train for this but a journalistic or academic background is preferred for this task specifically)
  • Perform administrative tasks as required.

Lead Generation

  • Digital marketing strategies for the marketing, sales & product teams to determine appropriate timing, volume, and nature of sales pipeline to lead to opportunity processes. This will mean reaching out to potential leads to understand their customer (B2B) needs.
  • Building buyer personas. 

Other/General Overview

  • Determine our structural SEO strategy.
  • Brainstorming new + creative content ideas.
  • Assist in maintaining and creating content for Sustainable Life App’s social media pages and website
  • Researching the market, customers, and competitors to identify opportunities, strengths and weaknesses to inform our digital marketing strategy + Ability to reach out to businesses and brands on behalf of the app to do customer discoveries and do research to build accurate buyer personas.
  • Planning, developing, and optimizing our multi-channel digital marketing strategy for our B2B audience to establish our digital brand presence, and build engagement.
  • Creating, writing, editing, and sharing digital marketing content that builds meaningful B2B + B2C audience connections and achieves results (social media, blog posts, email marketing, website, presentation decks, videos, graphics, etc).
  • Scheduling and distributing digital content through our multi-channel mix to drive audience engagement and convert leads.


  • Have an understanding of key concepts for digital marketing, marketing communications, and event planning
  • Have skills creating digital marketing programs and campaigns
  • Have skills creating both visual and content continuity in materials
  • Have an understanding of the principles of strategic marketing and tactics
  • Have CMS knowledge and experience
  • Have an excellent command of written and spoken English 
  • Have experience with the Canva, Google Docs, Hubspot and other software for marketing automation
  • May (but not necessary) have experience working with the Adobe Suite - Primarily Adobe Auditon and Premiere Pro.


Post secondary education - We are open to a range of educational backgrounds (Bachelors, Diplomas or Certifications) in business, media or journalism with a focus in marketing or digital marketing.


  • This position is being made possible through grant funding through the Digital Skills for Youth program funded by the Canadian government. In order to be eligible, candidates must:
  • Be between the ages of 15 and 30, inclusive, at the start of the internship
  • Be a post-secondary graduate (i.e. has completed a diploma or degree following secondary education - not currently a student)
  • Not be in receipt of EI during the course of the work placement,
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada (i.e. Canadian citizen, permanent Resident or person who has been granted refugee status), and
  • Self-assess as underemployed, meaning they are employed below their level of education and/or hold part-time employment, or are unemployed.
  • Be able to work a minimum of 30 hours per week from Oct 1 until January 31, 2021 (est start and end dates)