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“ Our mission is to make sustainable living easy and convenient. The 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption are our guiding force!”

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Sustainable Life Documentary Series

The Sustainable Life Documentary Series™ will able be available for FREE in 7-parts: Introduction, a video for each of the 5 Factors for Sustainable Consumption™, Conclusion. All video will be between 5-10 minutes - short sweet and to the point. Our goal is to inform, encourage and inspire sustainable consumerism!

*Filming delayed due to Covid-19

The videos below were all created BEFORE our rebrand. The platform was previously called "Shop with M" but most of the components have remained the same. We decided to keep these sneak peak videos on this page for you to enjoy! As soon as our documentary series is complete, we will of course update the videos below and announce the series launch on our social media pages!

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Introduction / Trailer

Impact on Human Health

Environmental Impact

Respect for Human Rights

Respect for Animal Rights

Respect Your Core Values